The official homepage of Mo the Sloth!


Mo (as in Slo-Mo) is one part funny, one part mischievous, a little snarky and definitely the type of friend you want to have around. Mo is best enjoyed in calendar form, but also comes in to-go packages such as journals and tumblers. Of course he can be worn around town as well. Check out mo in all his forms below!

Wear Mo

Wearing Mo around town will definitely remind you and those around you that life is meant for a slower pace. Shirts, tanks, onsies, find them all here. 

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Take Mo

Could you think of a better gift idea (of course Mo isn't against giving himself gifts either ...)? Mo on a coffee mug, cell phone case, mouse pad. Take him with you wherever you go! 

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Imagine Mo

The most famous artists throughout time have been recognized on works of art, and we could only Imagine Mo being in that category. Enjoy your favorite saying of his in your favortire spot. 

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